Customer Care

My son introduced me to Bill Warmath and he was recommended by a fireman friend. When we first visited his beautiful office, even though we were looking for a modest home, Bill took the time to explain every detail of the process with me, and he treated me as if I were purchasing a million dollar home. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. That is why I admire him so much and I was so impressed. As he spoke lovingly of his wife and children, I knew this was a person that cared, and would treat me and my family with respect. He was always patient and made contact with us practically every day. I know I was frantic and asked him about a dozen different homes as we searched and searched. However he readily responded and had a calming effect on me. He took the time to talk to me and respond to any questions that I had and he gave great sound advice and recommendations every step of the way

— B. McClendon , Past Client